Interview - Douglas Schwartz of Endurance House

I recently went into Endurance House to speak with Doug about bike organization for a client's garage, but I also learned a lot of cool things about what they do there. 

Why is the store called Endurance House?

We have 16 stores nationwide. While I did not come up with the name myself I love the name.  Endurance is about training longer and a House is a welcoming place for everyone. We focus on runners, tri-athletes, swimmers, bikers and walkers.

What is the process for people who want to try on shoes?

Endurance House Running Shoes

The process is called PMP, performance - mobility - profile. We give the client a pair of socks and minimalistic sneaker.  They then walk or run on our treadmill as we film a 15-second video.  After review, we can see their impact zones where they hit the treadmill and we get three pairs of ideal sneakers that will fit them. Finally, we redo the 15-second test process until we find the right sneaker.  The PMP evaluation is always FREE!

How are you involved in the community?

We try as much as we can.  We offer free Runs and Walks on Tuesday nights, a Wednesday night pub run, a Thursday night run, plus Thursday & Saturday bike rides. We support local charities and try to give as much as we can to our community.  We are happy to donate time or a product to your fundraising event, just let us know.

In terms of organization, bikes always present a challenge, what is new in the world of bike racks?

Our KUAT racks offer the latest in bike rack technology.  They are functional, easy to use and feature a lot of cool bells and whistles such as locks, bike stands, and easy quick release.  We also have an easy bike storage rack from Velo Grip that hangs bikes with Velcro and makes them easy to swivel in any storage area so nothing gets scratched, dented, damaged or broken.

If I am intimated by physical activities where should I start?

At Endurance House we cater to everyone from “your never haves to seasoned pros”. Our free walks, runs and bike rides are for all abilities and are conducted as NO DROP! So everyone stays together and no one is left behind.  We welcome anyone who is into a Healthy Active Lifestyle!