Product Review - HangerJack

HangerJack Gator

Organizing products typically over promise and are often simply too good to be true. Keeping that in mind we also dislike anything that hangs on doors or sticks out.

However, HangerJack’s Gator rack is a welcome solution for awkward items. We see a lot of challenges in the laundry room, especially in the drying area. Since hanging items aren’t cleaned all the time the normal solution is usually temporary, the drying rack. Yet, the drying rack still needs to live somewhere when not in use and it is not a great shape for storage. The Gator mounts to the wall and extends only when needed. Holding up to 50 pounds the arm goes out 24 inches. They mention areas of use including garages and decks, but I feel the Gator offers an easy solution in the laundry room. We see a lot of small spaces like NYC apartments or condos without laundry rooms and anything that creates space quickly is a welcomed improvement especially if it is easy to use. At the end of the day if a product isn’t easy to use you won’t. As an aside, while I was writing this I just figured out while it is called the Gator.