Gifts That Keep on Giving (you a headache)

Donated Toys

Thanks to free trade and the rise of plastic, toys are relatively inexpensive and easy to find. When you factor in birthday parties, the December holidays, carnivals, amusement parks and family vacations the sheer number of toys in one's household can be overwhelming (for more on this phenomena check my son’s bed). In addition to stopping the siege before it starts by switching focus from stuff to experiences, there are some easy steps you can take that will help eliminate a toy story with an unhappy ending.

Can GI Joe go in the microwave?

Find a time to recycle or throw away broken or soiled toys. Also, inexpensive toys with missing pieces should go. Any age-inappropriate toys should be taken out of circulation. Any sentimental toys should be sent to live with the keepsakes and out of the playroom.

The work of children is play

Watch how your child actual plays with toys and study their interests. Toys that you may think are cool often collect dust. Instead of a lot of unused toys focus on getting toys that your child will love. Take toys out of circulation and rotate them in and your child will think they are new.

A good home

While Goodwill does not take toys many places do. Preschools go through toys fast so help them keep up with demand. Used toys should not go to hospitals and check to make sure none of your donated items have been recalled. The VVA will pick up toys as well as most other donates you may have. Additionally, there are worthy places for your donated toys in Fairfield County.