Interview - Lisa Goldman, One Hope Cause Entrepreneur

Lisa Goldman One Hope

We recently met Lisa at an event and found her story interesting especially since we are always advising clients to move towards experiences instead of aquiring stuff.

Can you describe what One Hope is and how the charity works?

OneHope was founded in 2007.  The vineyard is in Napa Valley California and out wine is created in collaboration with Robert Mondavi Jr. All orders are shipped via UPS and take approximately 1 week to deliver. We have a collection of award winning wines, gifts, and other gourmet products, with every item providing a built-in donation to very meaningful cause partners. Each wine varietal is linked to a charity that is carefully vetted and then supports. Some examples of our causes are Autism, childhood hunger, veteran support, pet adoptions, LGBTQ crisis lines, cancer treatment clinical trials etc.  

One Hope Wine

When someone makes a purchase they are giving back. In addition to selling directly from my business page, I also hold in-home or in-office wine tasting events. The host or hostess of the event can choose a charity that is close to them. 50% of the profits are donated to the partner causes and 15% of half and full case sales from wine tasting events go to the host/hostess' choice.  These events are a fun way to try new wines, learn about the different varietals, and raise money for local charities. To date the OneHope foundation has given over $1.7 million to nonprofits.

OneHope wine also has corporate gifting options we can have your company's name or logo branded onto a beautiful wood gift box.

How did you first get involved with One Hope?

I am a special education teacher working for birth to three. I was just looking for something to do where I can meet some new people and maybe make some extra money. I heard about a direct sales wine company, I researched it and found out about OneHope.  Once I heard about the fundraising aspect of the company I was hooked. 

What are some of the tastings events you have run?

I have done several in- home wine tasting events, happy hour events at realtor offices, online events, bridal shows and networking events.

As Organizers we are always striving to move from stuff to experiences, how have people responded to your business?

People absolutely love the idea of getting their friends or coworkers together for a fun night of wine tasting. Once they hear about the fundraising aspect of it they are blown away.

Which wine is your favorite?

My personal favorite wine is our Sparkling Brut and our Pinot Noir.  And I'm in love with all of our glitter bottles. They are very special. They make fantastic gifts!