Shelf and Refrigerator Liners

Unsung Heroes

A question our prospective clients often ask has to do with cleaning and if we do it. We are not a cleaning service, but in reality, we aren’t going to place items back on a shelf or in a pantry without a little light dusting or a quick wipe down. In that regard, we often find old or dirty shelf liners that need replacing.

Shelf Liners

Con-Tact Grip Ultra Shelf and Drawer Liners

In our experience, these work well. They are non-adhesive which is a plus especially if you have ever tried to remove an old liner that has merged with a shelf to form an alien life form. However, the major selling point is that they can be cut easily to fit any size shelf.

Refridgerator Liners

Refrigerator Liners

We have organized our share of refrigerators in our time and the shelves get dirty and in a unique way. Honey, syrup and mystery goo can be hard to remove plus the alarm goes off in your ear if the door is open too long. These liners can also be cut to fit which is a huge plus. In addition to protecting the shelves, they absorb moisture to keep those veggies crisp.

Heavy-Duty Shelf & Storage Liners

Plastic Shelf Liners

Often we encounter metal shelves in the attic, basement or garage and items can fall through the cracks. Plastic liners work really well to ensure loose items can be placed worry free on any utility shelf. They also can be cut to size and also work in the laundry room or any closet with wire shelves. If you have ever dropped items behind the washer and dryer you know the importance of getting things to stay in the proper place.