Saint Valentine Suggests

Here are a few simple ways to take the heartbreak out of Valentine’s Day and give that special someone in your life some space.

The Partner’s Promise instead of Chocolate

In every relationship, one person tends to be neat and the other messy. Some spouses even go so far as to enact the “don’t touch my stuff rule.” This Valentine's’ Day, make a deal with one another. With the promise of not throwing anything out,  give your partner permission to clean and organize those areas which are always cluttered. Create a space in the house for these items to live until your spouse can review them.

Say It With Flowers Minus the Vase

Flower vases

Everyone loves flowers, but with the many flower deliveries, households end up collecting an inexpensive vase for each petal. Choose to recycle, donate to Community/Senior Centers or give your excess vases to college students (they’re always putting flowers in empty beer cans).


Cute Stuffy, Not So Cute Clutter

Cheap stuffed animals and plastic heart mugs pile up every year. Why not give the gift that leaves nothing behind, such as a dinner out or an evening at the theater. Experiences last in our memories more than pink teddy bears falling apart in the closet. And don’t forget to leave the devices at home and enjoy one another's company interruption-free.