Interview - CarePatrol

Recently, many of our clients have been dealing with aging parents and after speaking with Paul at CarePatrol we thought this service might be helpful.


What is Care Patrol?
Care Patrol is a free Senior Placement Agency. We help families find Assisted Living, Memory Care Communities and Nursing Homes.

We service Fairfield, New Haven and Litchfield Counties in CT.  As well as Westchester, Putnam and Duchess Counties in NY.

We are not merely a web referral service. We accompany families on "community tours" to alleviate the sales pressure and to insure that you ask the right questions. We understand the process can be overwhelming and something most people have never done before and our clients are often relieved when we ask questions they didn't know to ask, especially when it comes to lease agreements.

If someone wants your help, how do they start?

A phone call or email to CarePatrol is all it takes to get started.

CT Office Phone: 203.244.9562 (located in Westport Ct.)

NY Office Phone: 914.357.8084


How much do you charge?

As mentioned there is no charge for our services. We are compensated by our referral network providers.

Do you help all seniors, despite the level of care needed?

We can help all seniors in advising them of the options available associated with assisted living arrangements. There are many pieces at work including medical, social and financial. In a case in which the financial resources might not be available for certain facilities we still help people with the next steps that are right for them.

What happens cases in which an older adult doesn't have family members near by?
We will assist, advise and coordinate with family members who are located remotely. We do all the leg work to educate the family on all the options.

In your experience what are the biggest challenges facing older adults?
Over the years, I feel the biggest challenge for older adults is the difficult task of locating safe and appropriate assisted living that meets their individual requirements.