Interview - Inna Agujen

When we saw how Inna was allowing clients to visualiz their future space virtually, we had to know more.

Tell us a little about your background before you were a realtor?

My background was in Animated and Feature films creating visual effects and 3D environments. I worked for Blue Sky studios, a subsidiary of 20th Century Fox. My position was Senior Technical Director.  Before Blue Sky, I worked for FX Boutique in NYC creating commercials and animations. 

You have an interesting service you offer your clients when they want to look at house, what can you tell us about it? 

Inna Agujen Realtor Virtual Design

Yes, I am one of the partners in a company which manages the marketing side of my listings. Procyon 7 LLC. One of the services we offer is 3D scans of homes for sale that allow potential buyers the ability to view online and in VR using glasses like google Cardboard to better visualize their possible future.

We also create 3D renders of houses to-be-built from architectural plans. Then we create VR, videos of 3D renders so that house can be viewed even before it is build. Everything is put together online for potential buyer to see. So all of my properties get its own website with all of this content. 

What is the most interesting or fun home VR experience you have had? 

I think the most interesting VR project I did wasn't for my listing, but for the Westport/Weston Y. Since a 3D scan needs to be done when a building is empty, it was challenging.  The YMCA is always full of people from 5am to 10pm. I had to be there at 4 am in the morning before opening and it was kind of surreal experience to be in this huge open space alone. 

Can clients view the designs remotely? Do they need a headset?

Yes. Headsets are so inexpensive nowadays especially Gcardboard.  You can actually make one yourself with cardboard or buy one on amazon for 5$ then put your phone sideways and you are now emerged into VR experience.

What have you noticed is the reaction people have to the VR?

Inna Agujen Realtor Virtual Design

Inna Agujen Realtor Virtual Design

People have an amazing response to VR and it makes my job of showing houses a lot easier. I can highlight the areas that we want buyers to see and not miss. When you show a house in person you can sometimes miss awesome features. Also, people tend to like playing with this interactive tours especially with doll-house view which is called that for a good reason, it literally makes house look like a dollhouse that you can spin and see any room from any angle.

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Interactive Tour

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