Interview - Hoardable Hotsauce

As organizers we are always steering our clients towards experiences and consumables as gifts instead of stuff. We spoke with the folks at Connecticut's own Hoardable Hotsauce for obvious reasons.

As Professional Organizers we are very interested in the name. What is the origin?

Hoardable Hotsauce

Well the truth is we wish there was a great story behind the name but all we have is as its told, while tasting the test batches at their origin someone said “this stuff is so good you can hoard it” when another replied “well I agree, it sure is hoardable” and just like that, Hoardable Hot Sauce got its name.

Are your sauces made in Connecticut and what is the relationship with the source of the ingredients?

We are fully made in Connecticut. We purchase all of our produce from local organic farms. We personally cut and mix the produce along with our co packers who cook and bottle our product all at their FDA facility, which is also located in Ct.

The must ask questions for hot sauce, which one is the hottest and just how hot is it?

Our hottest sauce is named “Cruel & Unusual Punishment” While the name deems it the hottest of our three sauces it is not a heat level that one might think. We use a Bhut Jolokia Ghost pepper that rates 1.2 million heat units on the Scoville scale; however we cut the heat with other ingredients to ensure we do not over power our fans.  It is important to us that we are not the gimmicky hot sauce that you use once and it then sits in your cupboard because it’s too hot to use. Our flavor is what is most important and we want you to taste the food that you are eating while enjoying the heat as an added kick. Use a lot of it, come back for more!      

For people unaccustomed to hot sauce what is the best way to ease into the heat?

Green Hoardable Hotsauce

For the beginner we always recommend our Red Pepper Mix. This is our Mild sauce which we refer to as a liquid salsa, or our utility sauce.  It is made with sweet red Bell Peppers, red Jalapeños, Garlic, Onions, Carrots, Sea Salt and Vinegar. It does not bring much heat but is full of flavor. It compliments anything from Chicken to Pizza and even goes great on Eggs.          

Any interesting or fun adventures with the sauces since they hit the market

Since we have hit the market it has been a great ride. We have had a lot of fun learning, growing, and brining this product to market in such a diverse arena.  We recently partnered with a subscription service “Fuego Box” which is headquartered in California.  We were asked to have our “Cruel & Unusual Punishment” sauce featured in their box of the month club. Not only was it flattering to be chosen by their team but we were never ready for the “YouTube” fan base that they had reviewing the sauces. The video reviews while positive certainly brought certain levity when they were pleasantly surprised by the heat of the Bhut Jolokia Ghost pepper.