Product Review - Wireless Alarm Kit

Sabre Security Alarm System

Security systems are one of those weird things you don’t know if you need or not. And even if you feel you should have one, they seem expensive, complicated and necessitate a monthly commitment. However, recent advancements in technology have led to a rise in do it yourself alarm systems. Some new products use your smartphone to monitor your home with real time video while others offer basic services. Sabre’s Wireless Alarm Kit is a popular option for those looking for a simple DIY solution. The alarm offers three modes Off, Chime or Alarm. Chime mode allows you to hear the kids come home or more importantly if they are sneaking out. Be aware the alarm decibel level is loud. I mention this to advise caution when setting up and operating. If you have never had an alarm system before it can take some getting used to the new habit.

The kit comes with a main unit and three door/window sensors. The battery powered sensors easily stick to windows and door (with adhesive similar to those found in baby safety items so be aware of the paint finish). Unlike wired systems because of the battery power you will need to pay attention to the low battery light. The main unit uses a 4-digit PIN to arm and turn off. As with anything that affects the whole house make sure every family member is aware and on board especially if you have never had an alarm before. Additional information about alarms can be found here and here.