Interview - Artkive

Many of our clients have children at home and a common question we get asked is, what do I do with my kid's artwork? We turned to Jedd at Artkive for one possible solution.

Artkive Box

For the busy parent, what is the easiest way to explain what Artkive is?

Artkive solves the problem of what to do with all the art and school work kids bring home. Parent feel bad throwing it away and it usually ends up stuffed in a box. With Artkive it’s easy to turn all those memories into beautiful keepsake books by using the Artkive app and doing it yourself or the Artkive Box service where we professionally photograph it all for you.

What is the Concierge/ARTKIVE BOX service?

For parents who don’t want to Artkive themselves, the Artkive Box is a great solution. We’ll ship you a box to fill with your art. Use the UPS shipping label we provide to send it all back to us and we’ll then professionally photograph, edit, tag, and load all the art to your account. One of our designers will create a book proof for your review and when you’re happy, the book will be printed and shipped to you.

What are products one can create from the saved artwork?

Artkive images can be turned into books, calendars, beach towels, aprons, mugs, puzzles and more.

Artkive Devices

My child doesn't just have flat paper art, but large sculptures and over-sized posters, how does that work?

If using the Artkive Box, depending on the size of the art, you can either carefully wrap and ship it to us, or you can take pictures of the art and load them directly into your Artkive account to be combined with the art you send us.  You can also just email us pictures you’ve taken and we’ll take care of the rest.

Does someone at Artkive inspect the photos to identify the next Picasso?

Artkive Books

Millions of pieces of art are loaded into Artkive so we’re not looking through them for the masterpieces, but you never know which young artist will turn into the next Picasso, Rembrandt or Basquiat.  Imagine if Picasso’s mom had been able to use Artkive to store his childhood art!

I assume Artkive is a play on the word Archive, does anyone offer other thoughts on the subject?

Nope - people do seem to like the name as it tells you exactly who we are and what the company does.