Interview - The Undies Project

At House to Home we are big on donations. About half of our clients have a difficult time letting go of items, but knowing that it will go to someone in their community helps easy the transition. We spoke with Laura & Lucy at The Undies Project to learn about how we can all help those in need.

The Undies Project

For the busy person, what is the best description of the Undies Project?

The Undies Project is a unique nonprofit that collects and distributes new underwear to men, women and children in need.

What is the origin story, how did it start?

The Undies Project was set up in November 2015 by Lucy Langley and Laura Delaflor to fulfill the basic need of new underwear among our low income neighbors.  Underwear is the most under donated, and most needed, item of clothing. Hygiene and physical comfort are only a part of this basic human need. New, clean underwear also provides dignity and self esteem.

How do people donate (drop off) and what type of donations are you looking for?

We receive donations of new men's, women’s  and children underwear of all sizes as well as new and gently used bras. Donations can be mailed to 10 Steep Hollow Lane, Cos Cob CT 06807 or can also be dropped off at the following permanent locations: Wesport: Soleil Toile (24 Post Rd. E), Greenwich: Inside the Armoire (45 E Putman Ave) or Stamford: Professional Physical Therapy (83 Harvard Ave.).

You suggest holding a donation party, what is that?

The Undies Project Donations

A donation party is a cool party with all your cool friends and instead of a hostess gift you ask your friends to bring a donation of a pack or packs of undies to give to those in need. After the party you can mail us your collection to 10 Steep Hollow Ln, Cos Cob CT, 06807, or let us know you have humongous collection and we will arrange for a quick pick up. Thank you in advance for holding a donation party! : )

Any interesting tales from the trenches since you deal with unmentionables?

Most of our stories are on the sad side, so I’m only going to share the most recent one of when someone came up to us and in a very low and ashamed voice said, “ Thank you so much for what you do, you can’t imagine what it is like to go to work with disintegrating underwear, your generosity helps me feel better about myself and with this I can do my work better”.

This basic human need that our low income and homeless neighbors have, has been overseen for so many years. It is time to start talking about it and taking action!