The Container Conundrum

Messy Tupperware

House to Home spent this past week unpacking and reorganizing kitchens for our clients. A question that always comes up is where to store plastic containers used for leftover food and lunch prep. Clients complain that no matter how hard they try to keep these items neatly arranged, within a few days they dread opening the cabinet because the containers and lids fall everywhere. Before you put up a hard hat required sign in your kitchen, here are House to Home Organizing's top four tips:


It is not necessary to have 100 different shaped containers. You do not need the ones from 1998 which have turned that weird shade of yellow, sport warped lids and have an unusual odor. Go through your plastic containers and pick out the best ones that have lids that fit. Maybe keep 6 of various sizes and shapes. Recycle the rest. You may also consider not keeping inexpensive and easy to come by plastic containers from take out restaurants.

Glass Kitchen Storage

Purchase the Same Brand

For ease of stacking buy one brand of containers that nest into each other. This will free up space in your cabinet and make storage easier.

Within Reach

Store containers and lids in a cabinet which is easy to reach. Many people tend to put their plastic ware in a hard to reach cabinet. Make sure you can reach it easily during and after cooking for clean- up and lunch prep. We even have a few clients who keep their "Tupperware" in the only non-baby proofed cabinet so the little ones have access to non-breakables and can score a win by opening the door themselves.

The Separater

Use larger bins or wire baskets to separate items If you have room in your cabinets. Purchase clear bins or wire baskets to separate lids and bottoms. This way when you go to pick one, they all do not come toppling out.

Want to upgrade? Many people are switching to glass containers. There is zero risk of toxic chemicals and negative impact on the environment. A few brands we have noticed in our clients homes are:

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