Interview - Cozi

One of the main factors that determines why we get called in to help people is that they are busy. When you add parenting to the mix, finding the time is especially hard.  We spoke with Kati at Cozi for some thoughts on how technology can help you stay organized.

For busy parents, what is the best way to describe Cozi?

Cozi Family Organizer

Cozi is a mobile app and website designed to keep busy families organized. Cozi has a shared calendar and lists that everyone in the family can see and update from any mobile device or computer.

What is the Cozi origin story?

You can find some of it here. The founders knew they wanted to design and build technology products for families, and when they were doing initial in-home visits, they kept hearing about the difficulties families had with keeping track of their busy schedules. So Cozi was born as a way to use technology to make family life simpler.

Besides the calendar function what other features does it have?

Cozi Family Journal

Cozi has a Shared Calendar, Reminders and Event Notifications, Shopping Lists, To Do Lists, Recipe Box, Meal Planner, and Family Journal. The premium version also offers a Birthday Tracker, Contacts, and other premium features like Shopping Mode and Mobile Month View.

What is the family journal?

The Cozi Family Journal is a fast and simple way to keep memories and fun everyday moments, so you can enjoy them again and again. You can save an image and jot down a memory to capture a family moment.

What is Club Cozi?

Club Cozi is our social ambassador program where members share news and stories from Cozi in their social media channels. Members use and love Cozi and want to share it with their friends.

In terms of feedback what feature seems to be most popular?

Most families come to Cozi to use the Shared Calendar. Multiple, busy schedules are part of family life, and keeping them all on one calendar is the best way to stay on top of it all. And families can rely on Cozi to send reminders, notifications, and daily agenda emails to the right people in the family. The grocery list is very popular too!