Guest Post - 4 Small Details That Guests Notice When They Visit Your Home


The interior of your home is a reflection of your tastes and personality, and often gives guests an instant impression of who you are. Are you a minimalist? An art enthusiast? Someone who just really loves the color blue? No matter what personal style you showcase in your space, there are certain things guests are guaranteed to notice when they step inside your front door. And it’s those little details that really make a difference in the look and feel of your home.

Everyone wants their house to feel warm and welcoming and, above all, be a place they are proud to call home when hosting friends and family. Of course, you want your home to express your personality, but you also want it to be a comfortable and pleasant place to spend your time. Decor and interior design aside, there are certain boxes you want your home to check when it comes to creating an inviting ambiance. Below you’ll find the small but significant details guests notice when they visit your home so you can ensure your space is always in tip-top shape, at the ready for an impromptu occasion to entertain. 

Smell: Does Your Home Have a Signature Scent?

Places, like people, have unique signature scents, and your house is no exception. While you might not notice the familiar fragrance associated with your home, your guests certainly will. So naturally, you’ll want your home’s trademark aroma to provide an enjoyable sensory experience for anyone who drops by. 

Make your home smell great by placing refreshing and relaxing aromatherapy candles in every room. Mood-boosting scents like calming lavender, invigorating citrus and joy-inducing vanilla make excellent everyday fragrances, perfect for creating a lovely aromatic atmosphere throughout your house. Specifically, in your bathrooms, choose scents that make your home smell like a spa to ensure a clean and pleasant aroma even in the powder room. Candles make sprucing up your home for guests a snap and double as decorative pieces, as well! Choose aromas that resonate with you and you’re sure to have guests admiring your home’s signature scent. 

Cleanliness: A Pristine Home Is a Happy Home 


Okay, so “pristine” might seem like a stretch (after all, homes are meant to be lived in, right?); however, you will want to keep your house as clean as possible, especially when you’re expecting company. Luckily, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to help you maintain a spotless space day-to-day so you won’t have to go into a deep-cleaning frenzy every time you find yourself hosting. 

Invest in doormats for every entryway to cut down on vacuuming, and stock cleaning supplies conveniently throughout your home to make freshening up any room effortless. And pay extra attention to rooms that might need more regular scrubbing, like the kitchen or the bathroom. By doing a little cleaning each day, your home will not only look, smell and feel fresher, but you’ll have a space that’s already spic and span when even the unexpected guests arrive. 

Tidiness: Save Your Space from Clutter-Overload 

While your house may be spotless in terms of dirt and dust, your home could still be suffering from unsightly clutter. If your miscellaneous piles of mail, still-waiting-to-be-put-away purchases and yet-to-be-donated odds and ends has evolved into visual background noise, it’s definitely time to tidy up. Because even if you don’t often notice the growing pile of clutter in your home, it might be a little off-putting to guests. Plus, there’s no better time than the present to organize your space.  

First things first: If there are any online buys waiting to be returned, mail long overdue to be tossed in the trash or assorted items that need to find a permanent home in your house, make tackling those your priority. Then, if your place is still weighed down by stuff you no longer need, look into consignment or donation. Check out local or online consignment services like Poshmark, Mercari or Letgo that allow you to connect with interested buyers and make money off the clothing and everyday items you’re ready to part with. Or opt to donate instead and feel good knowing the things you’re no longer using can now go to someone who can give them a second life. Once you’re finished tidying up your home, you’ll immediately notice the difference in your newly neat space, and your guests certainly will, too. 

Comfort: Invite Your Guests to Cozy Up and Settle in 

Last, but definitely not least, let’s chat about comfort. There’s a reason that phrases like “home is where the heart is” exist–because home should be a place filled with warmth and coziness. To make your guests feel right at home, it’s important to add those homey touches that invite friends and family to cozy up and stay awhile.


Fill your home with comforting scents to create a welcoming ambiance in every room. And to ensure your sofas and armchairs invite guests to make themselves comfortable, fix up these sitting areas with soft pillows and snuggly throw blankets. Even small details like a plush bath mat or a lamp that gives off warm, soft light in the space you tend to entertain can help a room feel more cozy. Enhance your home with these comfort-kindling tips and make it easy for your guests to settle in whenever they stop by.  

Impress Your Guests with a Home Ready to Host

Whether you’re having people over for a special occasion or simply hanging out with friends or family at your place, you want to have a space you’re excited to share with others. By crafting your home’s signature scent, cleaning and decluttering your space and making your house a comfortable place where your company can cozy up, you’ll have a winning, welcoming home ready to host at a moment’s notice. Plus, you’ll guarantee that those small details your guests take note of when they visit are nothing short of impressive.

Author bio: Taylor Sicard serves as the Co-Founder and CMO of Homesick, a hand-poured candle company that offers specialized scents to invoke feelings of nostalgia. Taylor is responsible for overseeing the planning, development, and execution of all Homesick marketing and content initiatives. When he is not working or writing, Taylor enjoys spending time with his fiancé and exploring the great outdoors!