Guest Post - How to Use Texture to Transform Your Interiors

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Enhancing your home’s interior design is all about maximizing the visual beauty and comfort of your living space. To do so, there are numerous elements that can be incorporated to transform your interior space such as stylish furniture, proper lighting, and decorative accessories. But there’s a well-kept secret today’s interior designers know that can take your space to the next level...

It’s texture; the key element that completes a room and brings in a sense of touch. Having a variety of unique textures in your rooms provides balance, adds emotion, and also improves your physical comfort for lounging and peace of mind. Here are some great ideas for how texture can be used to transform your interiors to make your home comfortable and cozy

Create Appealing Contrasts


Using different textures adds depth and contrast in a room. Think of smooth clear walls, a coarse rustic carpet, exposed brickwork in your living room, muted wooden flooring, long sweeping curtains, or sleek linen sofas with shaggy cushions. It’s all about layering a variety of textures in a way that makes a room both inviting and interesting. 

Think of these contrasts if you want to transform the feel of your interiors:

  • Soft & solid

  • Thick & thin

  • Silky & coarse

  • Smooth & bumpy

  • Flexible & stiff

Choosing a mixture of different textures for your interior decor adds a tactile sense to your space and wakes up any room. Complement the look of your rooms with the right textures. 

Incorporate Unique Design Elements

If you view your interior decor and don’t see unique design elements that evoke immediate visual interest, then you need to revamp the look of your room. You can simply do this by adding texture to your space. Keep in mind these simple but appealing ideas to transform the appearance of your home:  

  • A natural contoured edge for a natural stone bathroom vanity top or wood table

  • Furniture made of natural rattan or wicker-style weaving

  • Textured woven shades made of wood

  • Rugged fabrics incorporated in your decor: think wool, tweed, or tapestry

  • Wooden or thermofoil cabinetry

  • Embossed patterns in your wall coverings

  • Faux or distressed paint and colorful stain finishes

  • Contoured carpeting or shaggy rugs

  • Rough finishes on countertop backsplashes or stone floors

Create Different Effects Using Texture


Shiny, smooth surfaces like sleek leather sofas in the sitting room, wooden floors, or glass windows reflect light, meaning they can make your interior space appear larger, giving an impression of coolness. This effect can be enhanced by using a neutral color scheme to create a modern, minimalist look. Natural earth colors can be a source of inspiration for your interiors as well.

To avoid looking too ‘plain’, add some softer textures like furs, tweed, wicker, or cord to absorb some light and create a denser, warmer feel in your room. The secret to creating different effects in your interiors lies in achieving a balance between creating a comfortable living space that boasts a welcoming feel. 

Consider these ideas:

  • A hand-knotted rug combined with heavy drapes over smooth shiny surfaces

  • Light linen sofa sets with sleek blinds against textured wallpaper

  • Velvet chairs sitting on exposed wooden floors to soften the stark modernity

  • Hanging plants in an all-white room

  • Colorful throw pillows, linen bedding, tapestries, and tablecloths to add personality

Increase Comfort with Soft Furnishings 

Furnishings are one of the most important elements of a beautiful room. When you want to transform a room using texture, soft furnishings are the way to go. It’s this type of soft layering that makes a room look warm and inviting. The layering of soft furnishings is especially important in living rooms and bedrooms for added comfort and depth. 

While incorporating other pieces of furniture can make a huge difference in creating a luxurious textured look, anything as simple as the positioning of a patterned throw pillow across a sofa can highlight the quality and texture of both elements.

Here are more ideas on using soft furnishings to transform your interiors:

  • A shaggy cushion on a sleek linen armchair

  • A soft, luxurious cashmere over a comfortable leather sofa

  • A bright hand-knotted rug glowing against dark-polished wood floors 

  • A layered knitted throw blanket over a cotton bedspread

  • Adding gauzy, pale curtains to enhance natural light through windows

Elevate Your Interiors Using Texture


Whether you choose to buy a wooden coffee table to add life to your living space or a throw rug to warm up your bedroom, the impact that texture can have on improving interiors is clear. It’s the component that helps complete a room and elevate your space to the highest level of comfort. As we all know, it’s important to create interiors that you can be proud of in your home. 

About the Author:

Katie Tejada is a writer, editor, and former HR professional. She enjoys writing about events, travel, decorating trends, and innovations for the home, but also covers developments in HR, business communication, recruiting, real estate, and finance.