Guest Post - Window Treatment Ideas for Millennials

Take a Peek into Millennial Decor


Millennial decor is very popular and it is shaping the housing world in interior decor. There is a separation of older and younger millennials and their tastes differ also.

Window Treatment Ideas for Millennials 

The millennial generation, or Y generation as many call them, have a large influence on specialized decor that is functional, not flashy, serves a purpose and will be long lasting products. This set of people is also very technologically advanced and love all products that can be operated easily with a smart phone

Who are the Millennials? 

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are more than 83.1 million millennials. They are all of the people that were born from 1982 to 2000, which make the older people starting to approach 40 years old and the younger people are not even 20 years old yet. This generation actually passed the baby boomers as the largest generation of people in 2015. 

What is the Style of Millennials?

This generation is interested in low maintenance, minimalist and practical home decor. They enjoy neutral colors with the addition of modern, affordable window treatments that maximize the light in all rooms of their homes and pops of accent colors. Whites and gray and very popular colors in window treatments for this generation. These neutral colors make the baseline and then there is a heavy emphasis on colorful and bold accent pieces, such as throw pillows, rugs, pieces of artwork, pots and pans, potted plants and blankets. The most popular accent colors are tones of red, bold yellows, organic greens and the color that has transcended and defined this generation--millennial pink.

Smart Home Technology


This tech savvy group of people enjoys having a smart home where technology is included at least in the kitchen and living room or family room. They use smart technology for their home alarm systems and can see who is at the door on their television or smart phone. This group absolutely loves newer functional items in the kitchen that they can control via their phones. They are also great advocates for the motorized window treatments that can also be operated from their phone, tablet, computer, by remote control or a wall switch. This type of window treatment is very versatile and safe for children, as it has no dangling cords for a child to be caught in and harm them. All of the motorized window treatments are sturdy and have a long life to last for many years, another thing that millennials love. 

Window Treatment Materials for Millennials

Several different materials and fabrics catch the eye of a millennial that fit the bill of not being too busy or over the top but sophisticated and simple. 

Woven woods are made from bamboo reed, jute grass and a big combination of other all-natural products. This is an eco-friendly choice that is more in favor than fabric or plastic and it also works well with a variety of styles.

Silk window treatments have a smooth and glossy finish to any window treatment. Most often, a millinneal will choose a natural color pallet for silk drapery panels and then build on that feature for their decor. Silk is also lightweight and it adds some movement to the room.

Velvet window treatments are taking the market by storm again. The soft and glamorous fabric adds texture to a room without being over the top. Some millennials choose to have velvet throw pillows or other accents with velvet on them rather than in the actual window treatments themselves.

Linen window treatments are another eco-friendly choice. They are also long lasting to make the investment worthwhile. Linen drapery panels are lightweight and they drape easily to add a crisp and clean feel to any space.

Combination Window Treatments for Functionality

Millennials insist that all items in a house must be the utmost in functional. Many times, you will find a shade on a window covered with sheer drapes to let the sun in, even when the drapes are closed. Most often, this combination is again in neutral colors such as tan, white, light blue or gray, but some of this generation may choose to add a pop of fabulous color to a room with this combination.


Layering your blinds with drapes makes a wonderful addition to any window and it makes them more functional. You can achieve a contrast of color and texture while being eye catching in the living room, bedroom, kitchen or any room in the home. The most common combination of this in the millennial's homes is woven wood blinds in a tan color with simple white drapes on top.

Woven wood shades are very popular in all rooms of a home. Millennials love them because they are natural, give you sleek lines, versatile and work with any decor. This style lets a small amount of light in your room from between the weaves of the shades to add some whimsy with the moonlight at night bouncing off the walls in a horizontal pattern or to show off all of the decor in your home with natural light.

These ideas are great to know about as the millennials are taking the housing market by storm. If you are thinking of redecorating or updating your window treatments in anticipation of selling your home, you should try some of these styles. 

Author Bio: Bobby Nakamura was born and raised on the island of Maui, Bobby has been doing window coverings for most of his life. Naka's Drapery is a family business located on the island of Maui, HI.