Guest Post - 6 Useful Tips for Decorating a Drab and All-white Wall


White has always been a popular neutral when selecting wall colors, or just the general interior look of the house. It was a trend that never quite went away. And not surprising, because a coat of white paint can do wonders; and contrary to popular belief, can actually stir up emotions in people.

But a home comprised mainly of white walls in every corner is a blank canvas waiting to be filled with splashes of color, or just a teeny tiny personal touch.

And whether you've bought a new home, renting a space, or living in a dorm, every white wall could use decoration that would make it stand out.

Add more neutrals for more layers

White is the base. Adding a few more neutrals to the mix creates a more put-together and layered look. Varying shades of brown and light grey can create tranquil feels with green or blue. Black wall art makes a statement, and gives a room the added edge -- perhaps even sophistication.

Throw in colored wall art


Against a background of clean white, wall art with beautiful pops of color would look stunning. And because the majority of your room is done up in matching variations of white or neutrals, you effectively call attention to your medium to oversized wall art as the room's focal point.

Black wall decal


In a minimalist room, white is your best friend. And to top off the look of utter cleanliness, couple it with black wall decals. You can have it as quotes or as your favorite characters. Whatever you want, really.

Wall hangings taking center stage

White is a neutral shade, and because of that, you have an even better opportunity to show off those faux animal head mounts or rustic wooden wall decor. The best part is that you can hang them without the risk of competing with other more distracting colors.

So by hanging artwork or sculptural pieces, you get a good way of drawing attention and letting them stand out against all-white backdrops.

Hang bold patterns


Although white walls are great for giving your room a crisp and stark feel, it doesn't mean you ought to shy away completely from the allure of bold patterns. Hanging bold fabric above the fireplace mantel can be great for adding warmth and making the atmosphere feel even cozier. It gives your room a minimalist twist.

Take the monochrome approach


Black decor paired with white walls are a timeless appeal. It's clean, professional, chic, and undoubtedly classical. Don't forget the tertiary accent color available in the room though. Light or dark wooden furniture would look great against white walls and the matching black wall decor.

Decorate for Rooms that are Anything but Dull

White is timeless, simple, and sophisticated -- but only when you implement it correctly and pair it with the right shades. There's no such thing as drab walls if you know what to add to make it bold and catchy.

Your rooms don't have to be boring even if they aren't a riot of colors and gorgeous boho patterns. It's time to decorate those white walls and prove to the world that white isn't so drab.

Author Bio: Katherine Belle is a contributor at Enjoy Canvas. She goes to great lengths to seek out new interior designs every time. She likes reading, designing, and of course, writing about interior design.