Guest Post - Home Design Trends: What Does Luxury Look Like in 2019

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As spring quickly transitions into summer, we are gaining a good sense of how luxury home trends are shaping 2019. Homeowners are incorporating a sophisticated features to their home, and finding complementary decor to satisfy the current trends on the market.

Industrial Chic: Accents and Spaciousness

Industrial chic continues to reign as one of the most popular design trends in luxury decor. Featuring exposed beams, high ceilings, bare brick and concrete walls, wooden floors, and metal accents, industrial chic is all about reoccupying and repurposing America’s dynamic past.

You can add a touch of industrial luxe to outdoor spaces or in your home by incorporating some simple metal fixtures, such as brass sculptures, silver leaf furniture, decorative copper art, and gold-colored or unpolished metal lamps and hanging lights for a sophisticated effect.

One of the top motives behind this aesthetic is spaciousness and openness, so don’t clutter your floors and horizontal surfaces. But you can do more with your walls and even the ceiling, through creative mounting and hanging.

Raw, Unprocessed Textures


Luxury decor is all about texture, simplicity, and transparency. That’s why natural and raw materials are in vogue right now. Consider including earthy materials such as pottery and wood in your decor, as these also have the benefit of blending well together with the metal accents of the industrial look.

Textures, meanwhile, play and work together to create a certain mood. The craze used to be everything shiny, but recently there’s been a shift toward dull, unpolished, mottled, or distressed decor. Artisan and hand-finished items made from natural textures add a unique, rustic charm to your home furnishings and can boast the luxury of having a human touch in an age when most things are machine-assembled and mass-produced.

Mix Up Your Textures for a Personalized Look

Don’t worry about combining a range of textures and materials in your home decor — mixed textures are in! To keep your decor cohesive and streamlined, consider choosing different accents for separate areas of the house. For example, feature metal in the living room, woven fibers and pottery in the bedroom, and distressed wood in the dining area.

You can even drill down further than this and devote certain walls or lines of sight to one aesthetic, and different walls and sight-lines to a different aesthetic. This creates a crisp and visually stimulating contrast effect that many people are playing around within their homes.

Form-Focused Light Fixtures


Track lighting and recessed lighting have been popular for years, and still are, but more recently there has been a resurgence of interest in visually interesting light fixtures. Pendant lights, hanging lanterns, and the long-forgotten wall sconce are all making a comeback.

This is a good time to experiment with a redecoration of your home’s lighting. There are many new designs on the market. But instead of the showy, pristine styles that dominated last time these trends were en vogue, today’s fixtures offer minimalistic lines, abstract or geometric features, woods and metals, and a weathered or distressed look.

“Old World decadence” is also a trending niche, just like with the more mainstream industrial chic trend. There is definitely a throwback happening to the old mansions and even palaces of bygone eras.

Find Your Own Style

The most important thing about joining a trend is to put your own spin on it and really make it yours. Your individual note makes all the difference.

About the Author: Katie Tejada is a writer, editor, and former HR professional. She enjoys writing about events, travel, decorating trends, and innovations for the home, but also covers developments in HR, business communication, recruiting, and CRM solutions.