Guest Post - Simple Ways to Achieve a Super Clean, Organized and Clutter-Free Bedroom


Clutter can make anybody anxious and stressed. It throws us off balance and doesn’t let us enjoy our living space the way we’re supposed to. So, keeping your home clutter-free is very important, which especially applies to your bedroom. It’s the space that’s supposed to relax you and lull you to sleep, but if it overwhelms you, you might have trouble falling and staying asleep. Here are some suggestions for keeping your bedroom tidy, organized and free of all that horrible clutter.

Go through your closet and drawers


One good place to start is sorting out your clothes. Once you start going through them, you’re likely to come across a whole bunch of things you haven’t worn in ages, and probably never will again. Plus, some of those things might not even fit you anymore, and having too many clothes to choose from can confuse you, so you often end up wearing the same few pieces over and over again.

So, make the best of the situation and pass the things you don’t wear along to your siblings, friends, or donate them to charity. The same applies to your shoes. If you have too many of them and you’ve only put some of them on once, on a special occasion, it may just be that you don’t really need them in your bedroom. That way you’ll have more free space in your closet and your drawers, which will make the whole room seem tidier.

Organize your clothes


When you’ve removed the clothes that you don’t need anymore from the equation, you should organize the ones that are left. This will allow you to get dressed quicker, which can give you that extra minute you need to compose your thoughts in the morning, before you go to work. All it takes is some matching, so that your short-sleeved shirts are together in one place, the long-sleeved ones in another, your trousers all in one pile, etc.

Choosing an outfit for work will come down to picking the color that reflects your feelings on any given day. Also, the clothes that are out of season can be put in a vacuum bag at the back of your closet, on top of it, or even underneath your bed, and you can put them back in their place when the seasons change again.

Be smart about furniture

There is a lot you can do in terms of keeping your bedroom clutter-free if you simply invest in the right furniture. For instance, you can now find quality beds for sale, with plenty of storage space underneath them. This means that you can find the perfect place for all those extra blankets and pillows you have, or you can even use that space to store your winter jackets throughout spring, summer and fall.

If there isn’t enough space in your closet for all your clothes, you can invest in a few clothes racks and some nice hangers, which you can put in one of the corners of your room. These are quite fashionable right now and can also give your bedroom a bit of an eclectic look. However, be aware that too much furniture can turn your room into a cluttered chaos as well, so only invest in the pieces you need, and make them count.

Keep your nightstand clear


A good nightstand can provide you with enough space to put away your smaller possessions, which would otherwise make your room seem messy. Choosing a nightstand with drawers means that you can put your belongings into those drawers, instead of piling them up on top of the nightstand itself. This is something that commonly happens in bedrooms with not enough furniture. Of course, there can be some things on your nightstand. After all, it’s the perfect spot for a lamp, a small jewelry box or even just a bowl for keeping your rings, earrings and watch safe, and maybe some tissues in case of nighttime sniffles. However, if your nightstand drawers haven’t got enough room for everything you want to put in them, you can install a floating shelf or two above your bed, and even put your bedside lamps up on the wall as well.

With a bit of creativity and good organizing skills, your bedroom can become an oasis of peace and calm. So, unclutter it and enjoy the clean and organized space you’re left with.

About the author: Mike Johnston is a lifestyle blogger and DIY enthusiast from Sydney. He’s a regular writer at Smooth Decorator and Divine Magazine. His articles can also be found on numerous family-friendly, real estate and green living blogs. Mike’s goal is to create and share meaningful content that helps and inspires people.