Interview - Bethany Armstrong

Often people aren’t sure exactly what a Professional Organizer does sometimes they even confuse us with interior designers. Bethany Armstrong of Hue Designs helped us shed some light on the differences.

Hue Designs

Most people may think they know what an interior designer does, what exactly do they do? Interior design has a wide scope that goes far beyond paint colors and throw pillows! It actually is rooted in a mood, feel, and emotion of a space. Combine that with technical aspects that are extremely important like balance, scale, flow and function, interior design is an art form that takes skill and patience.  Without one of these aspects falling into the perfect harmony, a room will feel off. Even worse, it won’t be functioning properly. It’s a discipline that involves listening to a client’s wants and needs then interpreting those artistically for the result that will accomplish those important goals within a budget. Last but not least, interior design involves working with various trades and sourcing materials in the best interest of the clients while providing excellent management of the overall project, time constraints, budget requirements, and installation issues.  And yes, sometimes there can be a bit of marriage counseling involved when there are different design aesthetics that need to come together for a happy mix that the family can enjoy!

For you, what does it mean to be an interior designer? For me, to be a designer is a humbling and important role. People invite me into their homes and lives to help them solve design dilemmas that will ultimately improve their environment. This isn’t something I take lightly. It’s an obligation to keep the client’s best interests at the forefront so the best quality products are installed by highly qualified tradespeople. There’s a tremendous trust that comes with being an interior designer because clients are looking to you for advice, education, guidance, and knowledge. I find that it’s extremely important to be upfront with my clients and manage expectations throughout the entire process. It’s inevitable there will be hiccups along the way in a renovation project but I always communicate options that are available. I also work with an amazing team of experts and professionals in various areas.

What project or projects have you worked on that was the most fun? That’s a tough one! Every project is fun because I get the opportunity to work with great people bringing beauty into their lives in ways they weren’t expecting. Yes, everyone can buy furniture but my value comes from kicking it up a notch! Every project should be unique and truly tailored to the client. Fun for me is hearing, “wow I didn’t know I was going to like that!” It’s important to let your designer expose you to new ideas you might not have been open to previously. It just might surprise you what transforms when you come out of your comfort zone a bit!  

If clients ever have a vision that may not make sense in the real world, how do you steer them back on track? I’m a huge believer in being upfront and honest even if it’s not the news that’s easy to give. My promise to my clients is that I will always keep your best interest at heart so if I tell them something isn’t going to work it’s for a reason that I will explain. I will give options and provide information for decisions. There are times where I will take a version of the client’s vision to adapt it into a workable solution whenever possible. That’s a challenge I enjoy!

Is it hard to keep up with changing styles or are some looks timeless? With social media, it’s definitely easier to see more of what’s happening in design worldwide but it can be overwhelming. I find you can never go wrong with a strong foundation rooted in good design and layer that with styles that might be trendy. Those layers are accents that can easily be transitioned out when tastes change but the overall design concept remains. It’s hard to resist what’s trending at times but if it’s the only aspect that’s holding up the design, it will look out of date quite fast. My design style is one that is inspired by the client’s needs and then layered for added interest.

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