Is it Hot in Here?

Things that should not be stored in a hot attic

Clients often ask us, when we begin our ascent to the attic if it is okay to put things up there. Typically, most items fair fine in the attic, but there are a few categories that should not be put in a hot attic.


One thing we see a lot with clients is film and photos. Heat and humidity can ruin the film and also can make pictures stick together. They don't need to be in the deep freeze, but somewhere climate controlled with no moisture. VHS & Cassette tapes don’t fair well over time either consider having them digitally converted.

Melted Candles


Candles and certain makeups like lipstick can melt for obvious reasons and should be stored in a cool area of the home. Additionally, some people feel that perfume and cologne last longer when kept cool or even in the fridge.


Office supplies like envelopes and stamps will seal themselves shut in warm temperatures and best stored in cool place. Also, heat makes the fluid in batteries deplete and they should be kept cool, again some people even put them in the fridge.

Forget the Heat

Mice and water can also be issues in an attic. Storing items in cardboard boxes can lead to trouble. Plastic bins are not waterproof but should survive a burst pipe or leak. Remember the bigger the bin the bigger the headache since someone needs to carry it up and down. Try a medium bin that can easily be carried up and down by one person.